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A History of Parkside Bowling Club

in Verse

By J P Tierney

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For its conception Parkside is indebted,

To printers who, at Nelsons, plied their trade,

Into The Printers League they were accepted,

And on East Meadows Bowling Green they played.


When Thomas Nelson bought land situated,

Close to the grassy slopes of Arthur's Seat,

The area, he promptly allocated,

To sportsmen from his works across the street.


A sale of work the sportsmen soon had running,

To fund a sports pavilion they required,

The sum their efforts raised was truly stunning,

Suffice to build the quarters they desired.


As soon as the pavilion was completed,

The Parkside blazer badges were designed,

A bowl and jack marked where they now competed,

With Arthur's Seat depicted close behind.



Parksiders also joined a league created,

By Maule who owned a store of great renown,

That league would be confined , he stipulated,

To the foremost industries in the town.


The printing workers, Parkside, represented,

While, Postal, answered to the postmen's call,

To act for railmen, Caley' Club, consented,

And transport crews chose, Tramways, for the Maule,



The First World War affected Parkside greatly,

When many of their members joined the corps,

Some never made it back, unfortunately,

But they will be remembered evermore.


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